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When Naomi was 6 months old we decided we wanted to have cats again.  Spike, the cat I married into had died of cancer a few years before at 14 years.  We got two tabbies (love tabbies) about 6mo old, unrelated, from the Humane Soc.

Pepper has grown into a furry purring lap-cat, attention demanding but of the sweetest disposition you could possibly imagine.

Ollie was always a bit more of a loner and a far ranging explorer, but with a self destructive streak. He'd climb into parked cars and delivery trucks (esp the UPS style ones with the passthrough doors), get locked in trunks if you weren't paying attention.  He went into other peoples' houses, once to spectacularly bad effect when the owners were refinishing their floor.  He'd follow us around the neighborhood:  he once got onto the bus with me (I had to chase him down and throw him out the door with the driver's cooperation and timing), once followed me into a variety store.   For the last few years he's been following my wife to the schoolbus stop every morning and tracking her back after she drops off the kids, always maintaining about 5 yards of distance.  If you stop walking, he'll sit and wait for you to start again.

He's sat in the middle of the road  more times than I can count, including on the double yellow of a 4 lane road I had just crossed when I was taking Naomi to the park in her stroller.   More than once he flopped down in front of an oncoming car on our street, and woudl just glare and swear at the car while it honked and swore back.  He's been a regular visitor to the pound, including once when we picked him up with lacerations and a broken fang.  (He wouldn't tell us what had happened).

This Danger Cat streak led us to try and keep him inside, but he would aggressively run at the door any time it was opened, scratched the living hell out of the door trim, punitively pissed in things (mostly large planters) and when he started taking speed runs at the second floor windows when the sashes were up, we knew there was no hope.  We started sending him to "camp" at Grampa's farm in the summers, and he loved it there.  By now I have figured he's more their cat than ours, and he put up with us looking after him for a few months in the winter when his new hosts were travelling in warmer climes.

Ollie was hit by a car last night on the road in front of their house.  He's generally been quite timid of that road, seemingly knowing that the big trucks, farm vehics and high speed backroad commuters would grease his furry butt in a blink.  For whatever reason last night he challenged this and lost.  Neighbor brought him over in a box; I'll spare the details but it was pretty bad.  I put the box in the car for ms'V to take him to the vet but they took one look and advised us to give him an easy end, which was what I figured would happen.

In a lot of ways I am surprised he lasted this long, but needless to say we're all pretty broken up about it.  Pepper got extra cuddles last night.
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