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Watched the original Dragon Tattoo last night. I think they boiled down the monstrosity of the book as well as it could have been done, and the movie knocked it out of the park.

I hear the NA version is well done too. Part of me wishes the NA market could embrace a furrin' film, but hey: christopher plummer and daniel craig.

Starting a 2.5 hour movie at 1030 pm may not have been smart, however...

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Jul. 31st, 2012 01:55 pm
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Firm management has approved an office expansion into Waterloo (where I live) from Guelph (where I don't, and is 45 min away).

I've been asked to be in charge of the project.  Gonna be an exciting couple of months, I think.
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The Book of Eli -- I gather it didn't do all that well but I really liked it; interesting camerawork, washed out colour to reflect the theme, and I don't think I've seen anything with Denzel in it that I didn't like at least a little bit. Gary Oldman plays the classic Gary Oldman villain, I could have taken or left this part of it but he was deliciously hammy as always.  Mila Kunis was pretty good in her role if a bit one dimensional.  Weird to see Michael Gambon as a prairie redneck.  I was actually vaguely thinking "Malcom McDowell is gonna show up at some point here" and whammo, there he was.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus -- Love love love Terry Gilliam.  Christopher Plummer is a jewel.  Lily Cole was absolutely breathtaking.  I would have told you that Heath Ledger's death didn't really phiz on me because I didn't have a good grip on his oeuvre or his acting skills.  However, he absolutely shone in this movie and it highlights the tragedy of his loss.  Gilliam's decision to rope in Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell was frankly brilliant and if you didn't know why he had done it you'd think it fit very well into the overall story flow.  Highly recommended for fans of the classics:  Munchausen, Time Bandits, Brazil.

Brave -- not the best Pixar ever but I enjoyed it enormously.

ETA:  whenever I try to describe books and movies I enjoy, and read the result, I think of Steve Dallas describing the earth from the space shuttle in old Bloom County  strips.  "Looks like a great..big...globe".

ETA  II:  Naomi is slender and fair skinned and has long red curly hair.  (No sign yet of proficiency with a bow).  I forsee much abuse (i.e. from me) of "A princess rises early" and "A princess dinnae stuff her gob!" in the coming weeks, months, and possibly years.

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My project team up in northern Saskatchewan has misplaced a metric ton of urea.  That's a 4x4x4 foot cube of 50lb bags with some extra thrown on top.

Gonna be one of those days.
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Okay, I've finally grown up enough that I can wear non-button down collar dress shirts.  However, the fact that this shirt has no breast pocket is driving me fucking nuts.
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I'll be pretty happy when creepy-Japanese-popstar photo has moved off the LJ homepage, I tell you what.

ETA:  I  never thought I'd be so happy to see sailor moon!
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Picked up the Civic last night.  Now that it's ours and BRAND NEW FIRST TIME EVER I can look forward to being neurotic in so many new and exciting ways.

Let's start with headrests.  The new safety design for headrests generally seems to be to have them thrust forward quite far on an angle.  Unfortunately this hits me right on the back occipital bone, i.e. the fattest part of my BIG HEID.  Not great.  It's the worst part of airplane and train seats, and now it's in my car!  I don't notice as much when driving; I guess I don't use the headrest as much, but when passenging it's pretty noticeable.

Online info suggests this is a common annoyance and not limited to the Civic.  Hrm.

I'll have to figure something out.
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I've been reading Metafilter a lot lately, and I find that I really enjoy the comment threads even when I don't read the main link.  This is arguably one of the dumber ways to spend time on the internet, but anyway.

In a thread discussing the recent SCOTUS judgement about mandatory life sentences for underage offenders, there's a lot of detailed interpretation and slicing and dicing of facts (without, it is to be noted, too much rancor or trolling or other general nastiness).  Then one user comments:  "Someday I would really like to see a thread full of lawyers discussing systems administration."

I'm still giggling every time I read it.
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Successfully ran the gauntlet with new car sales, negotiated all the stuff we wanted, got a good buck on the trade in...and then back to the office manager to get the full court press on rustproofing and extended warranties.

so now I'm rocking back and forth on the offlice floor going "extended warranties are a scam...a grand for the chip that controls the window motor...extended warranties are a scam...a grand for the chip that controls the window motor..."

At 40, this is my first new car.  It was easier not to care when it was a used car.
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I've been enjoying the offerings of Librivox.org lately (the audiobook equivalent of Project Gutenberg, where volunteers read all or part of works which are out of copyright and hence in the public domain).  My main quibble is that British books should really only be read by British accented readers; Jerome K. Jerome (3 Men in a Boat, it's wonderful) ain't quite the same when read by Betty Boersma of Marquette, MI.

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We spent the day in Toronto yesterday to enjoy Taste of Of Italy, in little italy / little portugual, with side trips to Spadina Chinatown (for bubble tea) and the Kensington Market (where I finally picked up a cast iron tortilla maker from a gorgeously well stocked latino grocery).  There's a good chance I had a better day than you.  For starters, I got to eat one of these and you didn't.  Only one minor meltdown, and holy toot I slept like a ROCK.

Edited to add:  the problem with street food festivals is that there is way more good food available than body capacity to absorb it.  This is increasingly true as I get older of course.  I had to pass on some incredible looking gelato, and the same place offered these little babies.  (there was also a lot of awesome looking (and smelling) shwarma and jerk...I'd like to think I would have rejectedt these anyway based on cultural mismatch...)
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The problem with the buy-used-and-drive-it-into-the-ground philosophy is sometimes everything goes south at once.

My 02 accord has maybe 3k resale and needs 4k worth of repairs... :/

Adding insult to injury I broke a spoke on my bike yesterday and the shop told me I really need a new chain and cassette, too.
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Reading IT has reminded me of a little story:

A few months ago I took HAZOP response training:  safety gear, air paks, enviro suits, emerg response rules, response centre setup etc.  On the 5th and last day there was to be a big combo exercise incorporating all the stuff we had covered.  One of the instructors had been out setting it up in one of the shop areas we had set aside.  This guy was pretty dry and funny in his presentation style which had been much appreciated over the previous long days of lectures and exercises.

He walked into the room and announced:  "Okay, our test exercise is all set up.  This is as close to the real thing as we can make it, and it's going to be kind of intense for some of you.  Everyone needs to focus to their utmost!

I have one last very important question before we begin:  is anyone here...afraid of clowns?"

Ah, screw you guys,  I thought it was funny.

In other news,  I found a copy of Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine" [2005] at the library and am enjoying myself enormously.  It's a nice counterpoint to the Mahler.
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10th birthday party for Naomi.  Harry Potter theme.  Mom and N have been planning this for weeks and weeks and went (in my view) utterly bananas.  Painted portraits, handmade wands, costumes, candles candles candles everywhere.  I was dragooned into acting as Dumbledore (although inexplicably ended up spending most of my time in the kitchen) in a borrowed robe and pointy hat.  I am glad not to be a real wizard because the robes are a pain in the arse.

A few days ago I said "Do you have a script for me?  Because I don't really know any of his lines except Richard Harris saying "Alas!  Earwax!" at the end of the first film."  They both thought I was crazy for only remembering that one detail.  At the start of the party, one of the dads dropping off their child saw me and exclaimed "ALAS!  EARWAX!"  I feel vindicated.

In other news, 10 year old girls can be downright Machiavellian.  Especially the ones with little sisters.


Jun. 7th, 2012 08:45 am
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Turns out none of my local libraries have copies, and surprisingly I couldn't find any at the used book stores in my area either (and, I got out of those without buying anything else...a minor miracle in itself).  So, I got an e-book version.

Do you suppose it's going to curse the circuits in my reader for ever and ever?
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