Jan. 5th, 2014

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Epic gaming day yesterday with my best friends in the world. I've known these guys since about the 8th grade and we still fall into a lot of the same patter we did then. My chest hurts from laughing. If only I didn't live an hour away from everyone else...but then again this beats the 5 hours diff when we were in Kingston. Still haven't tried the benelux power grid map. Also fighting the urge to run out and buy Quarriors and/or Arkham horror for the next go round even though it may well be 3-4 months away. (NancyPaul's fault!)

I have been reading a Beethoven biography I got for Christmas ("the Man Revealed" by John Suchet) and it's well written enough...but there's so much conjecture especially in the early years, since there's so little documentation, it just ends up reading like a Robert Massie style historical narrative with the added annoyance that the author keeps apologizing for his shameless guessifying. I've gotten mostly out of that section so we'll see if the improving trend continues.

Random Netflix pick by my kids earlier today "Raising Hope"; I've never heard of this show, thought I was going to hurt myself laughing. But it's horrible! and potentially not kid appropriate. Reminds me a lot of My Name Is Earl which I also LOVED.

Snow continues to fall here and the nights have been bitter cold. I wouldn't want to live in Sandie Go or another consisitently warm place, but I confess the novelty of this weather is starting to wear a bit thin.


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